DIT-MCO Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

Kansas City, Mo. – DIT-MCO International, a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical wiring test equipment, celebrates 75 years in business. From 1948 to current day, regardless of industry, DIT-MCO has remained a leader.

DIT-MCO began in 1948 under the name Drive-In Theatre Manufacturing Company. Known for selling speakers for drive-in theaters, DIT-MCO also manufactured other items related to the industry, such as concession stand lights and movie screens. In 1951, the company’s name was changed from Drive-In Theatre Manufacturing Company to DIT-MCO Incorporated. By 1954, DIT-MCO had engineered and manufactured the first ever automated wiring analyzer, the model 200. It was sold to Goodyear Aerospace, Boeing, and the US Navy, becoming successful enough that the drive-in portion of DIT-MCO was spun off and sold to its employees.

The continued advancement of DIT-MCO’s automated wiring analyzers developed them into a leader in the wiring analyzer industry. From the Apollo program of the 1960’s to the James Webb telescope, important projects in history around the world relied on DIT-MCO’s wiring analyzers to be successful. On a global scale, DIT-MCO is continuing to partner with companies who are paving the way for the future. Advances in technology in industries such as aerospace, defense, maritime, rail, etc., continue to rely on wiring analyzers provided by DIT-MCO.

“As we celebrate the company’s accomplishments of the past, all of us at DIT-MCO are excited for the future. We have a great team and are working on new innovations in support of the wire/harness industry. This team and company are committed to remain the market leader for the next 75 years,” commented DIT-MCO president, David Shier.