Its name – DIT-MCO International’s Special Products Group – barely hints at this team’s capabilities, knowledge base, and all-out desire to perform for DIT-MCO customers. The name is general enough to cover a wide range of services and production resources to meet customer demands.

Quite simply, “We wear different hats for different customers,” says Francisco Carpio, Director of the Special Products Group (SPG). In a given day, its 15 employees might build adapter cables (ranging from 100 up to 24,000 points), research special connectors to match a customer’s specifications, install false fronts to adapt an analyzer, design the steel framework for a test cell, debug test programs, or install equipment at a customer’s site.

SPG employees might interact with a manufacturer that relies on their highly specialized job shop capabilities or consult with members of the Eurofighter Consortium. Additionally, they might be involved in a new connector design, like the innovative STAC connector.

In short, it’s tough to neatly categorize the work of SPG.

“We do offer many services that people may not be aware of” he continues. “We give more than what the customer asks for. We help them refine their needs, sort through the options, the benefits, and discover the most appropriate solution. Once we know what they’re trying to accomplish, we help them reach that goal.”

Specializing in Variety

DIT-MCO launched the Special Products Group in 1992 to give customers access to highly specialized expertise. While its core business emphasized fabrication of cable harnesses, special fixture adapters, and mechanical structures used in electrical test facilities, the group also showcased its flexibility.

“We can provide T81 or MBA programming and install the entire DIT-MCO system to deliver a turnkey solution,” says Jay Gott, Manager, Customer Engineering Department. “No matter what we do, everything is completely custom. We’re working with highly-selective customers.”

Like DIT-MCO in general, SPG is intimately involved in electrical test aspects of the Eurofighter program – BAE Systems in the U.K., CASA in Spain, and Alenia Aerospazio in Italy, three of the four companies in the consortium.

For example, CASA is designing their adapter cables and the Special Products Group will build them – 400 different combinations of cables, notes Gott. SPG will also write the test program for CASA’s new 40,000-point DIT-MCO 2508 analyzer used for final assembly tests of Eurofighter Typhoons built in Spain.

SPG’s long customer list also illustrates their wide variety of services. Take, for example, United Space Alliance, which supports the space shuttle program. Working with information that included obsolete code, SPG programmer Scott Kendrick built a software conversion matrix. To complete the project, he installed the conversion software on the customer’s old analyzer in order to create new test programs.

With demanding, world-class customers, SPG also has established a track record of fast quote turnaround. “Given complete customer requirements, we can fast response times to RFQs” says Carpio.

Specializing in Quality

One could also say that the Special Products Group specializes in quality.

“We test all of our cables with DIT-MCO high voltage analyzers, even if the customer did not specify that,” says Carpio. “You simply get a higher quality, 100 percent tested, verified cable. You won’t get that from a cost-driven, workshop-style vendor.”

In addition to ISO 9001 certification, SPG earned certification in the aerospace industry standard, AS9000.

In an industry where reputations are built on commitment to detail, high quality, and reliability, DIT-MCO’s Special Products Group delivers it all with a mix of expertise and capabilities that goes beyond “special” to fit the true definition of unique.

For cable testing, harness testing and other automated product testing solutions, customers rely on DIT-MCO wiring analyzers.

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