Course 401: NETS Operation Training

Course for NETS Operators and Technicians!

  • Course 401 Syllabus provides a complete breakdown of the material covered during the course.
  • The course is designed for OPERATOR and TECHNICIAN user permission levels in the NETS environment. 
  • Only a brief familiarization with programming is provided as it relates to the TEST environment in NETS.  For further programming training and operation throughout the NETS environment, Course 460: NETS Programming and Operation is also available and taught at the DIT-MCO facility.
  • The class seating capacity is limited to 12.  Class seat reservations are taken in the order in which they are received.  If the requested class is full and training is required, on-site training is also available.
  • The class is scheduled to run on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Cost for this class is $195.00/person at DIT-MCO facility.  Please make payment arrangements prior to the first day of class.
  • This class is also offered as an online training course.  See our Online Training section for details.

Trainieren Sie auf unseren neuesten Testsystemen und ihrer Windows-basierten Software bei DIT-MCO International. Hier finden Sie kurze Beschreibungen zu unseren Standardkursen. Melden Sie sich jetzt mit unserem Online-Anmeldeformular an, um an Schulungen im Corporate Center von DIT-MCO in Kansas City, Missouri teilzunehmen. Zusätzliche Kurse, Schulungen vor Ort und maßgeschneiderte Schulungen sind auf Anfrage erhältlich. Kontaktieren Sie mit Ihrem regionalen Vertriebsleiter, Servicetechniker oder DIT-MCO Trainingsmanager, um das Training zu planen, das Ihren Anforderungen am besten entspricht.

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