Gary Mullins Announces Retirement

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, March 26, 2013 – Gary Mullins, DIT-MCO’s Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Service, has announced his retirement effective April 12th. After 39 years at DIT-MCO, Gary is looking forward to a change of lifestyle. “It will definitely be bittersweet” says Mullins. “I really enjoy the people I work with and have made many lasting friendships with customers over the years. But it will be nice to have the time to take on some new adventures.”

Gary and his wife are looking forward to traveling more frequently but at a slower “tourist” pace. He already is planning a European river cruise this autumn. “I’ve enjoyed traveling as part of my work but only had time for quick glances between airports and customers. Now I will be able to take the time to enjoy the beauty.” But everything won’t be quiet in retirement as the Mullins are expecting a new grandchild this year. “I think we will get plenty of opportunities to bond with our new grandchild while the parents are adjusting to life with a baby.”

Gary began his career with DIT-MCO in 1973 in the capacity as contract administrator. During his early days, he witnessed the transition from fixed sequence analyzers to punched tape and finally computer control. He received promotions to the position of National Sales Manager in 1988 and to his present position in 1994.

“DIT-MCO has been a great career for me and I will miss everyone” said Mullins. “My work allowed me to be involved in programs including Space Shuttle, Lunar Rover, F-22, Typhoon and Minuteman to name a few, and basically every aircraft platform in the U.S. and abroad. It has also taken me to all corners of the world in support of our marketing efforts. These opportunities could not have been imagined when I walked in the door to report for work back in December of 1973.”

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