Introducing PinMate, a Guided Wire Insertion Tool for Harness Manufacturers

PinMate visually directs assemblers inserting wires into electrical connectors, assuring that each wire is placed into the correct cavity. Designed specifically for harnesses in which each wire has a unique wire number or ID, PinMate has proven to dramatically reduce the number of mis-wire errors found at the final electrical test. The operator enters a wire ID via keyboard or barcode scan, and PinMate utilizes a super-bright micro-projector to project a target image on the connector, clearly showing the target cavity for the indicated wire. Additional instructions or information can also be projected to both sides of the connector. The operator inserts the wire into that location and repeats the process until all wires are correctly pinned. In addition to wires, PinMate is helpful for inserting spare pins and sealing plugs, which can be programmed in groups with multiple cavities highlighted at the same time.

PinMate is being jointly developed by engineers at the Boeing Defense Group in Mesa, AZ, and DIT-MCO.

David Shier, DIT-MCO president, stated, “PinMate continues our commitment to develop innovative products, providing complete quality solutions to the wire harness industry. PinMate will save time and help eliminate wiring errors. We are excited to continue to develop this product and bring it to the market.”