Selecting your test system is only half the test solution. The other half requires designing an appropriate interface to connect with your product. And interfacing with your product under test often presents unique challenges. DIT-MCO’s Special Products Group has a long track record of providing practical solutions that will exceed your expectations.

A fixture often is required to test many large, complex products. Fixtures frequently utilize a spring probe interface and press mechanism to contact the product. Whether you are testing circuit boards, wired assemblies, or backpanels, DIT-MCO can develop a workable solution. Our engineers have designed fixtures for a few hundred test points to 100,000 test points.

Special Tooling

The DIT-MCO team also will work directly with your engineers to design and develop heavy-duty tooling for your facility.

For one customer this meant motorized-driven boom assemblies mounted on a trailer to support and position the bundled interface cables. This was essential for a final aircraft test application that involved cables weighing more than three tons that were hoisted to 18 feet during testing.

Cable handling management for this application meant designing and manufacturing flexible mobile “arms.” This approach facilitated easier hook-up and storage of cumbersome cable harnesses.

Let DIT-MCO’s Special Products Group design a solution to meet your needs.