Maximize Your Investment

Take full advantage of your DIT-MCO test equipment. Come to us, or we’ll bring the training to you.

Understanding the complete capabilities of your test system increases productivity. Learn how to use your wiring analyzer as a tool for meeting today’s stringent quality standards. Our instructors have the knowledge and field experience to help you get the most from your test system.

Class Structure

Due to COVID-19, classes at DIT-MCO are currently limited to 6 students to maximize learning and provide hands-on computer exercises. To get the most from your system, DIT-MCO offers:

  • A dedicated classroom
  • Year-round classes
  • Computers equipped with current DIT-MCO test application software
  • Minimum of one DIT-MCO test system for use during class
  • Several “hands-on” practical applications for a better understanding
  • Breaks and lab time to work on test samples and problems
  • Knowledgeable instructors with field experience
  • Training materials you take for future reference

Training Credits

Each new system purchased receives two training class credits. Training credits are only valid at the DIT-MCO Headquarters facility in Kansas City, MO.  These credits remain in effect until used and provide free training for:

*One Credit per class per person

Training at Our Place or Yours

On-site training provides many options. Training at your facility allows:

  • Hands-on training using your own DIT-MCO test system
  • Access to staff for emergencies
  • Focus on your particular testing situation
  • Greater number of staff can attend training yet lower training costs
  • No travel costs for your staff

On-Location Training

On-site training is $1,800.00/day (Monday through Friday), plus expenses.

Additional Benefits for Off-Site, Local Training Near Your Facility

DIT-MCO can arrange for a local computer-equipped facility to host training for your staff. This training still allows access to employees for job-related emergencies but minimizes interruptions. Classes are better able to cover all materials since they stay on schedule.

Customized Training

DIT-MCO can provide you with course outlines of our standard courses. Request modifications to better address your testing needs. Pricing is determined by the extent of modifications.