Maximize Your Investment

Take full advantage of your DIT-MCO test equipment. Come to us, or we’ll bring the training to you.

Understanding the complete capabilities of your test system increases productivity. Learn how to use your DIT-MCO wiring analyzers as a tool for meeting today’s stringent quality standards. Our instructors have the knowledge and field experience to help you get the most from your test equipment.

Class Structure

Due to COVID-19, classes at DIT-MCO are currently limited to 6 students to maximize learning and provide hands-on computer exercises. To get the most from your system, DIT-MCO offers:

  • A dedicated classroom
  • Year-round classes
  • Computers equipped with current DIT-MCO test application software
  • Minimum of one DIT-MCO test system for use during class
  • Several “hands-on” practical applications for a better understanding
  • Breaks and lab time to work on test samples and problems
  • Knowledgeable instructors with field experience
  • Training materials you take for future reference

Training Credits

With the purchase of a new DIT-MCO system, you receive two training class credits. Training credits are only valid at the DIT-MCO Headquarters facility in Kansas City, MO. These credits remain in effect until used and provide training for:

*One Credit per class per person

Training at Our Place or Yours

On-site training provides many options. Training at your facility allows:

  • Hands-on training using your own DIT-MCO test equipment
  • Focus on your particular testing situation
  • Greater number of staff can attend training yet lower training costs
  • No travel costs for your staff
  • Access to staff for emergencies

On-Location Training

On-site training is $1,800.00/day (Monday through Friday), plus expenses.

Additional Benefits for Off-Site, Local Training Near Your Facility

DIT-MCO can arrange for a local computer-equipped facility to host training for your staff. This training still allows access to employees for job-related emergencies but minimizes interruptions. Classes are better able to cover all materials since they stay on schedule.

Virtual Training

We are now offering virtual training. You can attend a live training class, while at your location. Attending class virtually allows for questions, and also real time participation in programming assignments and exercises. Classes are limited to 8 virtual students.

Customized Training

DIT-MCO can provide you with course outlines of our standard courses. Request modifications to better address your testing needs. Pricing is determined by the extent of modifications.