Course 401 NETS Operation Training

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Do You Operate NETS Software?

DIT-MCO has launched a new initiative for 2018 to start making some aspects of our training program available ONLINE to customers, starting with those who operate the NexGen Electrical Test Suite software.  Beginning with a course which explains how to navigate and operate NETS, DIT-MCO will be expanding the NETS Online Training to suit all user permission levels in NETS in the future.   

Course Information

NETS Operation Training targets the daily users of the NETS software.  This course will provide information on how-to get started and log-in, provide a basic understanding of the DIT-MCO programming language and how to navigate and operate the NETS test environment.  Resources are available to the user during the course and may be kept after the course.  A final exam and survey are required to pass and complete before receiving a certificate of completion.  After the course has been completed, the Certificate of Completion will become available.  The estimated time to complete this course is two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes. 

Other courses are being developed and are scheduled to be released later in 2018.  When those courses become available, this page will be updated with new course information and previews.

Course Cost

Course 401 NETS Operation Training                                                             *SPECIAL*   $99    $250

How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to get started with Course 401 NETS Operation Training, select the button below to register.  Please note that upon registration, before the user can begin taking the selected training course, payment will need to be processed.  To setup up payment processing, please contact the DIT-MCO Sales Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Accepted forms of payment include major credit cards and company purchase orders.

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