Course 501: Hardware Maintenance

  • Course 501 Syllabus provides a complete breakdown of the material covered during the course.
  • This course covers the NetLink/EPP/Terminal Selector, the switching system, SMU and DCS III comparators used in new 2115 and 2650 system and upgraded 9500 systems and 2500 systems.
  • This course covers the general programming and operating information required by many maintenance personnel.
  • Prior operating/programming training is not always needed, depending on each company's policies.
  • If detailed operating and programming is required by the maintenance personnel, Course 451 can be taken prior to this course but it is not required.
  • This class is scheduled to run for three days from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.
  • Cost for this class is $620.00/person.  Please make payment arrangements prior to the first day of class.

以下是我们标准课程的简要说明。 现在使用我们的在线注册表单,在位于密苏里州堪萨斯市的DIT-MCO公司总部的专用中心参加培训。 可根据要求提供其他课程,现场培训和定制培训。 请联系您所在地区的销售经理,技术服务人员或DIT-MCO的培训部门,电子邮件地址,安排培训时间以满足您的需求。参加DIT-MCO国际公司的最新测试系统和基于Windows的软件的培训课程。

For cable testing, harness testing and other automated product testing solutions, customers rely on DIT-MCO wiring analyzers.