Design Documentation Drafting

DIT-MCO offers design support and production information for product development and orders. Our drafting staff creates and produces engineering drawings and any needed information (government and industrial specifications) for your order.

Electrical Component Fabrication

DIT-MCO fabricates a wide range of electrical components. Lean Manufacturing concepts are incorporated into many of our processes to improve quality, reduce lead time, and keep costs low. We assemble printed circuit boards, cables, chassis, control panels, etc. found in DIT-MCO’s test systems. Fabricating our own electrical parts aids in quality control and enhances our ability to meet tight delivery schedules and customize your product.


With final assembly capabilities, DIT-MCO can manufacture systems tailored to your specific needs. These systems incorporate DIT-MCO-produced electrical and mechanical fabricated components with commercially available components.


DIT-MCO stocks over 500,000 feet of Teflon, Kynar and PVC wire in standard gauges. DIT-MCO’s distributor offers 48-hour availability for most standard types of wire. This helps us meet tight delivery schedules. Our volume also allows us to offer you cost-effective adapter cables that you can order when you order your test system. With over 9,000 square feet of dedicated inventory space for commonly used items, DIT-MCO has the materials on hand to build and deliver systems to meet your schedule.


CAD/CAM technology provides automated design support and production tooling services required for product development and orders fulfillment. DIT-MCO staff creates, produces, and maintains design documentation and manufacturing process data, including:

  • Computer-generated schematics
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) artwork
  • Component insertions
  • Automated test
  • Metal fabrication

Mechanical Component Fabrication

Machine and Metal Shop

DIT-MCO staff is experienced operating punch presses, press brakes, end mills, lathes, shop saws, welding (MIG and TIG), sanding equipment, band saws, and other equipment necessary to turn out quality precision items.

Personnel work with cold rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, and other materials used in DIT-MCO’s products.

Employees are cross-trained to perform all functions. This team approach ensures continuous improvement and high quality.

Paint Shop

We use powder coat process to paint cabinetry, front panels, and other structural items used in a variety of analyzers and fixtures. DIT-MCO’s in-house paint shop maintains product quality and consistency. The powder coat process is filtered to have minimal impact on the environment and provides a long-lasting, quality finish.