TestAssistant II®

TestAssistant II revolutionizes test programming. Not only an automatic test program generator, TestAssistant II also includes tracking of your vast adapter cable inventory, troubleshooting of errors, and error result analysis. TestAssistant II provides an integrated development for the complete test process.

You will appreciate the powerful and intuitive aspects of the graphical user interface, the robust set of tools, and the enhanced communication opportunities. Operators benefit from the online support functions and troubleshooting guidance. The end result is an improvement to your organization’s productivity — management’s bottom line.

Powerful and Intuitive

From a front-end graphical user interface to a back-end relational database, TestAssistant II organizes and maintains everything necessary for testing. Tester interfaces, wires, connectors, adapter cables, and other complex sub-assemblies are graphically represented.

A work area lists available components and allows for simple drag and drop operation into an organized structure. Generated documentation includes all work instructions to build the required adapter cables with no additional design time.

TestAssistant II always works from current data. Modifications automatically cause the test program to generate with the updated information. Tedious manual editing is a thing of the past.

Robust Set of Tools

TestAssistant II includes tools to simplify all aspects of test generation.

  • Import your wire lists and parts lists with built in “wizards”. Multiple data files can be imported reflecting the subassemblies to be tested.
  • Libraries define the parts used in the assembly. Once a part is entered, you will never need to look up the part detail again.
  • Active components such as relays include conditions for each state of the component. Test generation is then automatic even for these complex parts.
  • Zone codes define the location of test points in the unit under test and the appropriate connection to the test system.
  • Automatic generation of the test program and adapter cable documentation produce results in minutes rather than hours or days.

The Adapter Cable Library manages the inventory of cables and tracks available cables for a new test. TestAssistant II can even provide build instructions, bill of materials, reference drawings, and cable labeling if a needed cable must be built.

Enhancing Communication and Efficiency

Heightening communication between test programmers and operators, TestAssistant II comes loaded with unique features including:

  • Tester hook-up and troubleshooting instructions.
  • Context sensitive component and wiring diagrams.

TestAssistant II is the assistant you’ve always wanted. Efficient and organized, this assistant is always ready to work for you.