PinMate – Guided Wire Insertion Tool

What is PinMate?

PinMate, a guided wire insertion tool, visually directs assemblers inserting spare pins, seal plugs and wires into electrical connectors. Using an overhead projector, PinMate illuminates the correct cavity, showing the operator where to insert the pin. Key information is projected to the base on either side of the connector. Pinning a connector with PinMate will save you time and money while reducing mis-wire errors. This improves the quality of finished harnesses, ensuring less errors are found at final test.

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  • No adapter cables required
  • Large connector library
  • Lightweight, flexible
  • Excellent training aid
  • Quick set-up
  • Easy to use software


  • Eliminates mis-wires
  • Improves throughput
  • Saves time & money
  • Reduces eye strain & fatigue
  • Improves quality

How it Works?

Once the operator loads the connector, PinMate displays two opposing target cavities for alignment. Rather than aligning the connector to the targets, the operator drags and drops the targets into place. PinMate software then calculates the precise X/Y coordinates for the remaining cavities.

Information (such as sealing plugs, spare pins, and the wire list) is projected to either side of the base, depending on which hand the operator pins with. Once a wire has been correctly pinned, it is moved to the end of the wire list.

The receiver locks the connector in place, ensuring no movement. Base blocks behind the connector allow the necessary force needed to be applied when inserting a pin. PinMate has a large connector library and allows for most connector shapes and sizes.