Wiring Analyzers

The modular design of DIT-MCO’s automated wiring analyzers offers you customization at the price of an off-the-shelf system. Your test application determines the test and measurement accuracies needed, switching type, size, portability, and throughput. Each system comes complete with the capability to perform:

  • Circuit continuity tests for open circuits
  • Insulation resistance verification for short circuits
  • Dielectric breakdown (hipot) tests
  • Resistor tests
  • Relay tests
  • Diode tests
  • Capacitor tests
  • Switch and circuit breaker tests

You can program measurements in high-resolution steps from 0.01 ohm to 1000 megohms, program voltage stimuli as well from .225 volt through 2000 volts and current from 5 milliamps through 2 amps.

DIT-MCO has a test system that is right for your application. This summary helps you decide which system will meet your needs.

Benchtop Models

Multi-Bus Architecture

High Voltage

Distributed Switching

Field Deployable Test Set