Model 2635 – Field Portable Wiring Harness Tester

The Model 2635 provides test portability, ideal for many maintenance applications. Not to be outdone by more extensive systems, this wiring analyzer still has all the power you need for high-voltage cable and harness testing.

Power Coupled with Mobility

At 32 pounds (14.5kg), you can easily take this system where it is needed. Its small size means it will fit into tight quarters such as an aircraft cockpit or a locomotive cab. For remote locations, choose the optional battery pack for up to one hour of continuous testing. With up to 400 test points, the Model 2635 tests wiring and components for leakage, resistance, voltage, and capacitance. Ten points of Latching Matrix (LM) allow you to switch power circuits during the testing to control relays and other active components. Performance for Maintenance Depots tests the systems and components prone to failure while performing routine maintenance. Portability allows convenient access to the unit under test without long and specialized test adapters. With up to 1,500VDC and 2A test stimulus, the Model 2635 provides reliable fault detection and troubleshooting.

Embedded Computer

The 2635 can operate from any computer, notebook, or tablet computer through a network interface. Add the embedded controller with an LCD touch display to create a self-contained system. The system provides a USB port for transferring test data to the control software. You can use a wireless keyboard to edit data or the touch screen to perform tests.

Lightweight, Expandable, and Compatible

The Model 2635 test system is encased in a lightweight molded case, making it suitable for use anywhere, even in less-than-ideal environments. This rugged design is resistant to impact, moisture, and corrosion. Designed to be compatible, the Model 2635 test programs run under TestExecutive® control software and utilize the same test programs as your other DIT-MCO analyzers.

2635-B – Battery Powered Wiring Harness AnalyzerModel 2635-B

The Model 2635-B is our battery-powered, field-portable wiring analyzer. Instead of being plugged in for power, the 2635-B relies on a battery for its testing power. The lithium battery has 6 hours of run time and can be operated while the battery is charging. It can have up to 400 switching points and can test high voltage.

It weighs just under 30 pounds (batteries included), making it smaller than our original 2635, and is assembled with a shoulder strap and handle for an effortless travel experience.