HT-128 Handheld Wiring Analyzer

Installed Wire Harness Testing Simplified!

Simplify your wire harness testing. The DIT-MCO HT-128 provides a superior solution for point-to-point continuity analysis. These lightweight, handheld units can serve your diagnostic needs from product development and benchtop testing through field support and maintenance.


  • DUAL FUNCTION – 128 Point Continuity Analysis
  • Simple, Easy to use
  • Menu driven touchscreen display
  • Rugged, Lightweight, Portable handheld units
  • Accurate testing
  • Expandable with wireless or in-line communication options
  • Li-ion Battery operated
  • USB port
  • Save test results, print reports


  • Test installed cables without shorting plugs or long loop-back adapter cables
  • More than continuity – Test for opens, shorts, crossed wires and high resistance connections
  • Verify passive components (resistors, diodes)
  • Cost effective and flexible to meet your needs
  • Save time and money. Eliminate hours wasted on hand-beeping and troubleshooting
  • Document test results

How it Works

The DIT-MCO HT-128 is a distributed cable test system that allows you to connect individual testers to each wire harness branch connector rather than relying on a single, centralized tester and multiple return adapter cables. This distributed approach allows you to use small, battery operated testers that wirelessly link together to achieve the desired wire harness test coverage.
Using the HT-128 requires minimal training. Simply connect each tester to its corresponding harness connector using snap-in adapters, choose one unit to act as the host, retrieve a previously stored wirelist, link the HT-128s together and begin testing. The HT-128 performs continuity and resistance diagnostics for each wire in the harness. Faults such as opens, shorts, crossed wires or high resistance are reported to the user within seconds.

HT-128 Demo Video

To better understand the basic testing functions of the HT-128 handheld wiring analyzer please watch our demo video.

HT-128 Online Demo

Are you interested in learning more about the HT-128? We offer online product demonstrations led by our test experts. An online product demonstration allows us to tailor the meeting to your test requirements and needs. This online meeting can be a one-on-one session, or you can include as many team members as you would like. We look forward to showing you and your team the benefits of the HT-128.

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Current Home Screen Icons

*Subject to ongoing updates

Fault Test – Analyze wiring for opens, shorts, high resistance, and mis-wires. Test diodes, inductors, and passive wiring circuits.

Repetitive Test – Indefinitely cycle the Fault Test or a user-defined number of cycles.

Manual Test – Select and test a specific wire for continuity and isolation. Compare value against test limits.

Hold Test – Select and continually monitor a specific wire for continuity. Continuously compare value against test limits.

Identify – Identify the reference designation of any wire using the HT-128 probe feature.

Download – Allows the users to wirelessly transfer test programs between testers.

Quick Test – Allows the users to test a series of the same cable by plugging and unplugging to initiate and advance to the next test.

In-Line – Perform fault testing through the UUT cable, or optional 2-wire communication cable, when wireless communication is not feasible. Works up to 5,000 feet.

Ring-Out – Perform HT-128 directed ring-out of a cable or wire harness without the use of plug-in connector adapters.

Learn – Build a test program by self-learning the wiring within a cable or wire harness.

Sub-Program – Edit and build a subset test program from an existing test program.

Probe – Utilize the HT-128 as an Ohm Meter.

Guided Test – Allows the user to probe terminal blocks, switches, and other non-connectorized devices.