HT-128 Handheld Wiring Analyzer

Installed Wire Harness Testing Simplified!

Simplify your wire harness testing. The DIT-MCO HT-128 provides a superior solution for point-to-point continuity analysis. These lightweight, handheld units can serve your diagnostic needs from product development and benchtop testing through field support and maintenance.


  • DUAL FUNCTION – 128 Point Continuity Analysis with TDR Option
  • Simple, Easy to use
  • Menu driven touchscreen display
  • Rugged, Lightweight, Portable handheld units
  • Accurate testing
  • Expandable with wireless or in-line communication options
  • Li-ion Battery operated
  • USB port
  • Interchangeable adapters
  • Save test results, print reports


  • Test installed cables without shorting plugs or long loop-back adapter cables
  • More than continuity – Test for opens, shorts, crossed wires and high resistance connections
  • Verify passive components (resistors, diodes)
  • Cost effective and flexible to meet your needs
  • Save time and money. Eliminiate hours wasted on hand-beeping and troubleshooting
  • Document test results

How it Works

The DIT-MCO HT-128 is a distributed cable test system that allows you to connect individual testers to each wire harness branch connector rather than relying on a single, centralized tester and multiple return adapter cables. This distributed approach allows you to use small, battery operated testers that wirelessly link together to achieve the desired wire harness test coverage.
Using the HT-128 requires minimal training. Simply connect each tester to its corresponding harness connector using snap-in adapters, choose one unit to act as the host, retrieve a previously stored wirelist, link the HT-128s together and begin testing. The HT-128 performs continuity and resistance diagnostics for each wire in the harness. Faults such as opens, shorts, crossed wires or high resistance are reported to the user within seconds. The optional TDR feature allows you to not only diagnose harness failures, but trace the fault to a specific location within the wire harness bundle.

Technical Specifications

Test points 128 (expandable up to 8 units, 1024 points)
Test current 6mA max
Test voltage 3.3V DC
Continuity threshold .5 to 10KΩ ± 2% ± 0.2Ω
Resistor measurements .5 to 10KΩ ± 2% ± 0.2Ω
I.R. threshold 50KΩ to 200KΩ ± 15%
Diode test polarity only
Wireless range Typically 150′ (915Mhz Low Power FSK modulation transceiver for USA)

(868Mhz Low Power FSK modulation transceiver for EU)

Battery Rechargeable Li-ion (Typical usage 10-hours between charges. Can be charged via AC adapter or through USB port.)
Operating Temperature Range 0° to 70° C