Connectors/Interface Mods

Adaptation from Test Equipment to Your Product Under Test Just Got Simpler

Interface cables and connectors are essential to efficient test set-up and use of connector capacity. Using test points efficiently helps streamline test set-up and control the cost of electrical testing. Ultimately, the key to building good interface cables and connectors is to balance two objectives: tailoring a connection to the specific unit under test (UUT), and using as many pins in the connector as possible.

Legacy Support

The DIT-MCO Dual-50 connector was adopted in early generations of DIT-MCO test systems as the standard interface. While it is not frequently used in new systems, it is available to provide compatibility with existing test systems and adapters. There are 50 contacts in each side of the connector. A screw jack is used to mate the connector.


Unlike other connectors, the EasyMate is configured in 10-point increments, which reduces wasted test points and results in lower cost. This allows you to build your connectors from 10 contact points up to a maximum of 250. And simplification of adapter cable design is realized due to the cost efficient design of EasyMate.