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  1. Email Service@ditmco.com or call DIT-MCO’s plant at (800) 821-3487 or (816) 444-9700 and ask for the service department.
  2. Provide the following information:
    1. ‘Bill to’ address.
    2. ‘Ship to’ address.
    3. Preferred carrier, service level and collect account number.
    4. Credit card or copy of purchase order.
    5. Buyer name and phone number.
    6. Part number & serial number of part to be repaired or exchanged.
    7. Brief description of problem.


Yes, NETS was designed for full compatibility with Windows 7/8/10.

  1. Standard PC
  2. No Special Requirements for Hard Drive or RAM
  3. Standard Ethernet Port for NetLink® Analyzers
  4. Parallel Port for Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) Analyzers
    • Must be integrated into the motherboard or a PCI/PCIe expansion card. USB-to-Parallel adapters do not work.

No, NETS must be installed with administrative permissions, but the technician utilizing NETS to test product does not need administrative permissions.