DIT-MCO Delivers from Start to Finish.

Testing high voltage cables, harnesses, and other complex wired assemblies is a process.

You start by developing test programs and finish by analyzing your test results.

  • Prepare your test program
  • Run your test program
  • Analyze your results

DIT-MCO International’s range of software applications guides you through this process. You’ll find the tools you need to import your engineering data, run a multitude of tests, generate an error report, provide graphical representations of failures, and much more. It comes ready to work on a dedicated or networked workstation. With its array of test options and programmable ranges, you are guaranteed to have the tests you need even when your test requirements change. Quite simply, DIT-MCO’s software delivers from start to finish.

Delivering Total Testing Power

From start to finish, DIT-MCO’s test systems deliver total testing power. It is testing power derived from over 50 years of experience, technical salespeople, and a responsive service staff. Tap into the power of industry-leading hardware, software, and service. With DIT-MCO test systems, you have everything you need to make your tests fast, efficient, powerful, and simple.

Prepare for your test

DIT-MCO offers a full range of software applications to help you write your test programs. NETS® and TestAssistant® II are powerful Windows™-based tools that simplify the test programming process. Add-on tools, such as, and language translators save you time by allowing you to use your existing engineering data.

  • NETS – This next-generation utility combines test script creation and test script execution into one cohesive tool to simplify the product test process. NETS provides a complete life cycle test management solution with new features such as automated table generation, enhanced user permission levels and advanced security protection.
  • TestAssistant II – Take programming a step beyond by minimizing repetitive or needless data entry. TestAssistant II revolutionizes the traditional test development process by creating your test program and ACT file, as well as interface cable design and hook-up instructions. To do this, TestAssistant II stores product connector definitions in a parts library to use again and again.

Run your test program

You don’t have to be a programmer to use DIT-MCO’s cable test systems. The easy-to-use control program steps you through a series of choices. You can even read in bar codes to access the correct product names. Or test several identical products using just one tester by assigning each their own switching address space. This menu-driven system keeps operations simple without sacrificing the functionality or flexibility you need while running a test.

This flexibility is essential in your test system so you can meet your specific requirements even when they change. DIT-MCO’s programming language provides more than 90 test directives and mode commands so you have complete control over the test process. You can easily manipulate test stimulus and limit values, collect input from operators, dictate the content and look of error reports, and much more.

You’ll also find functions to minimize human errors. For instance, to ensure that you use the right version of a test program, the checksum function assigns unique identifiers to each program. No more accidentally using old or unauthorized test programs.

Analyze your results

DIT-MCO systems use a battery of software to let you know exactly where to find faults in your product. This allows you to identify problems and recommend changes to the design and/or manufacturing process. You’ll improve your product quality, speed up throughput, and make a positive impact to your bottom line.

Fast. Efficient. Powerful. Simple.

DIT-MCO provides all the tools you need to make your test development process fast and efficient. With its multiple document interface, you can easily share information between files and applications. Just cut or copy, then paste. Many operations require only a simple point and click or shortcut key. Dialog boxes prompt you to fill in the blank or pick from a drop down list so no more memorizing.

DIT-MCO software is easy to learn and use with its intuitive graphical user interface, hypertext help, and on-line tutorial. So when it comes to training new programmers or cross-training work team members, you’ll shorten the learning curve. Discover increased functionality, faster programming, and increased usability with DIT-MCO’s software.