This benchtop tester, designed for smaller test applications, easily fits in your fabrication or test department.


The Model 2115’s compact size makes it the ideal choice for many benchtop or portable test applications. The small size does not mean you sacrifice functionality. The 2115 delivers a full 1500-volt isolation and 2-amp continuity test stimulus. With the optional AC breakdown test providing 1000 VAC test stimulus, you will meet all test requirements.

Master Switching Unit

The heart of the system is the Master Switching Unit (MSU), which contains all of the control and instrumentation electronics as well as up to 1,000 test points of switching. This single chassis is an entire test system. If you need more test points, you can add Expansion Switching Units (ESUs), up to 1,000 test points per unit. The system expands to a total of 15,000 test points.

Benchtop Testing

Each MSU and ESU fits into a standard rack mount enclosure. For applications requiring larger test systems, you may mount the MSU and ESU chassis into a larger cabinet. This provides a centralized test interface and protects the interconnect cables between the units. Select from several standard enclosures or request a customized solution to meet your requirements.


  • Compact Benchtop
  • Portable Consoles
  • Fully Programmable
  • Function Testing
  • Use in Lean Environments
  • Customized Interface
  • Expandable