Interface Cables


Purchase adapter cables for your test equipment from the company known for its test systems. DIT-MCO designs, manufactures, tests, and delivers adapter cables built to your specifications.


Interface cables from DIT-MCO are:

  • Fabricated to standard commercial, industrial, and military specifications.
  • Tested to your specifications using industry standard DIT-MCO test systems.
  • Designed and built to support testing up to 2000 VDC/2000 VAC.
  • 100-percent tested cable assemblies.
  • Fabrication experience in flat, twisted pair, coaxial, tri-axial, ribbon, woven, braided, and shielded differential pair. Custom as well as standard connectors, such as ZIF, LIF, and IDC mass terminations. DIT-MCO designs, fabricates, and tests to your specifications. Just provide pin counts, cable lengths, and diameter preferences. Options can include built-in strain relief, corrosion-resistance, and space-saving or military connectors.
  • Avoid adapter cable headaches.

DIT-MCO’s strict approach to quality control of test systems applies to adapter cables as well. You don’t need to worry about the intermittent opens and shorts in your adapter cables produced by poor workmanship. Eliminate debugging or reworking your adapter cables. DIT-MCO’s engineers work closely with you to make sure the cables you receive are designed and built correctly for your application.

Plug and Play Setup

Ordering adapter cables from DIT-MCO for your DIT-MCO test systems:

  • Streamlines your ordering process, thus reducing miscommunication and order errors.
  • Shortens your schedule. Eliminate defective cables, and you can get started testing sooner.
  • Leverages the expertise and skilled staff of a company with the experience, technology, and resources you need to bring your test process online as fast as possible.


DIT-MCO manufactures adapter cables that stand up to your environment. Built for durability, your cables will withstand constant handling and hazardous conditions such as corrosive substances, if required.

Quick Turnaround Time

Whether you need to meet a budgetary proposal schedule, RFP deadline, or shipping date, we will work with you to meet your timeline. DIT-MCO’s extensive inventory of cables and connectors means we have the materials and resources to ensure on-time delivery.

Experienced Staff

DIT-MCO’s sales, engineering, and manufacturing staff have the experience and training to work for you. Our staff works hand-in-hand to make sure you receive what you need, when you need it.

High Value, Cost-Effective Solutions

DIT-MCO makes quality affordable. Quite simply, we offer you the best value:

  • Lower cost – We pass on the cost savings we receive from large-volume purchasing.
  • Experience – You benefit from DIT-MCO’s experience in cable and connector design. We draw on a rich knowledge base to develop the most cost-effective adapter cables.
  • Low overhead, labor, and delivery costs – Our Midwest location in the United States translates into affordable pricing.