AS9100 – A Standardized Definition of Aerospace Quality

DIT-MCO International Corporation is certified to the Aerospace Quality Standard AS9100 in addition to its current ISO 9001 certification.

What is AS9100?

AS9100 is based upon ISO 9001. It is a process oriented standard with the primary goal of continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

How does this benefit me?

There are no mandated requirements for aerospace suppliers to become registered by a third-party registrar to AS9100. However, DIT-MCO has always endeavored to maintain quality standards that not only meet but exceed those of its customers. As an AS9100 certified company, DIT-MCO:

  • Speeds the evaluation process because DIT-MCO is an approved source.
  • Meets and addresses specific contractual aerospace requirements.
  • Provides products that meet or exceed expected standards within the aerospace industry.

ISO 9001

AS9100 CertificateISO 9001 can best be described as a documented approach to corporate management. DIT-MCO is dedicated and fully committed to a comprehensive quality management system. To ensure customer satisfaction, DIT-MCO, an aerospace industry leader, manufactures safe, reliable, consistent, and dependable products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory authority requirements.

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DIT-MCO’s Quality Policy Statement

“At DIT-MCO, quality is the focus of today and our commitment for the future. Our goal is to set the standard for quality and to have satisfied and loyal customers in every element of business so that DIT-MCO can be the quality provider and preferred business partner in our market.”