2024 Training Schedule

Month Dates Courses Days
February 5-9 Course 460: NETS Programming 5 Days
April 15-19 Course 460: NETS Programming (Class is Full) 5 Days
April 22-24 Course 501: Hardware Maintenance (Class is Full) 3 Days
June 10-14 Course 460: NETS Programming 5 Days
August 5-9 Course 460: NETS Programming 5 Days
August 12-14 Course 501: Hardware Maintenance 3 Days
October 21-25 Course 460: NETS Programming 5 Days
December 9-13 Course 460: NETS Programming 5 Days


1. All courses listed above are Instructor-Led and held at DIT-MCO’s Kansas City, Missouri facility. Alternatively, students may choose to attend the courses virtually.
2. The class schedule is 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM (Central), Monday – Friday.
3. Class sizes are limited to 12 Students total, combined virtual and physical attendees.
4. The minimum class size is 2 students. Classes with fewer than 2 registered participants 30 days before the class start date are subject to cancellation and may be rescheduled for the next regularly scheduled class. Customers will be notified 4 weeks before any expected cancelations.
5. The course instructor will send meeting invites and electronic class materials to virtual students one week before class starts.
6. On-site training is also available. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for additional details.


1. Sign up for an instructor-led or a virtual-instructor-led class using our training signup form, or email training requests to training@ditmco.com

Self Paced E-Learning Courses

401: NETS Operation Fundamentals

460: NETS Programming Training

1. Register for self paced e-learning using our training signup form.

  1. 25% attendance is required per class.
  2. Class schedule subject to change, additional classes will be added as necessary.
  3. Customer-site training is also available. Contact Jennifer Bacon training@ditmco.com or (816) 444-9700 Ext. 2601