2022 Training Schedule

Month Dates Courses
February 8-11 Course 460: NETS Programming
April 19-22 Course 460: NETS Programming
May 17-20 Course 460: NETS Programming
July 12-15 Course 460: NETS Programming
September 19-23 Course 460: NETS Programming (5-Days)
December 5-9 Course 460: NETS Programming (5-Days)


The September and December classes have been extended to five days, due to the added features of NETS.

1. All courses listed above are instructor-led and held at DIT-MCO’s facility in Kansas City, Missouri. Alternatively, students may choose to attend the courses virtually. 2. Class sizes are limited to 12 students total with a maximum of 6 physical students attending at our facility.
3. Minimum class size is 2 students. Classes with fewer than 2 registered participants 30 days prior to class start date are subject to cancellation and may be rescheduled for the next regularly scheduled class. Customers will be notified 4 weeks prior to any expected cancelations.
4. The course instructor will send meeting invites and electronic class materials to virtual students one week prior to the class start date.
5. Customer-site training is also available. Contact your regional sales manager for additional information.
6. The class schedule is 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM (Central).


1. Sign up for an instructor-led or a virtual-instructor-led class using our training signup form, or email training requests to training@ditmco.com

Self Paced E-Learning Courses

401: NETS Operation Fundamentals

460: NETS Programming Training

1. Register for self paced e-learning using our training signup form.

  1. 25% attendance is required per class.
  2. Class schedule subject to change, additional classes will be added as necessary.
  3. Customer-site training is also available. Contact Jennifer Bacon training@ditmco.com or (816) 444-9700 Ext. 2601