NETS InstallShield Instructions

The following instructions are for installing NETS version 1.1.7122 and later, using InstallShield software.

Configuration files should be retained on installation of NETS but it is recommended to back up your existing configuration prior to moving to the new InstallShield version.

  • Back up existing NETS configuration files [First Time Only]
    • C:\DITMCO
      • Data folder (all contents)
      • ditmap.328cmp
      • config.t81
      • NETSEnvironment.cfg (if using the Environment File option)
      • TEIC.cfg (if using external instruments)
  • Uninstall Previous Wise installation NETS Files [First Time Only]
    • Navigate to the Windows Control Panel
      • Select Programs & Features (List View) or Programs => Programs & Features (Category View). This can also be reached by clicking the “Programs and Features” option on the right hand side of the Windows 10 Apps & Features menu (see image below).

      • Select DIT-MCO NETS and click “Uninstall / Change”
      • Follow the on-screen prompts to remove the old version of NETS
    • Alternative Method if Errors Occur
      • Use the start menu to locate the windows command prompt. Right click it and run as administrator
      • Type path to the Unwise program and install log (default command: c:\ditmco\unwise.exe c:\ditmco\install.log)
      • Press enter to execute the uninstallation program and follow the on-screen prompts to remove the old version of NETS
  • Restore Backup Files to DITMCO folder if Missing [First Time Only]
    • New installer will update files with new version information so this step must be done prior to new installation
  • Install NETS using the new InstallShield Installer
    • Run “NETS Installer.exe” and follow on-screen prompts to install the new version
    • [First Time Only] Restart the PC to finalize the driver installation upon completion of NETS installation
  • Verify that Previous Configuration Files are still present
    • If for some reason the configuration was lost in the installation process restore the files backed up in the first step to your DITMCO folder
  • Run NETS One Time as Administrator [EPP System Configuration Only] [First Time Only]
    • Initiate hardware connection by running a test script or manual mode one time to initialize connection profile

In addition to the standard installation as listed above, using InstallShield allows for more options for IT departments in regards to silent installations.  For more information reference: