EasyMate™ Connector


Unlike other connectors, the EasyMate is configured in 10-point increments, which reduces wasted test points and results in lower cost. This allows you to build your connectors from 10 contact points up to a maximum of 250. And simplification of adapter cable design is realized due to the cost efficient design of EasyMate.


EasyMate™ will accommodate standard and ribbon-type cables.

Built to Last

EasyMate is manufactured with a sturdy metal body to resist damage and withstand rough treatment. Operators insert the connector easily and quickly in a single downward motion that locks the connector into position. Opening the bottom latch removes it just as easily.

Customizable & Cost Effective

Modular EasyMate connectors let you tailor each connector to the size you need. Larger, fixed, standard-size connectors often waste pins, but EasyMate reduces the number of unused pins. What’s more, you’ve reduced the number of unique, dedicated connectors.

Additional Advantages

In addition to lower costs, EasyMate connectors offer more advantages:

  • Metal housing is both lightweight and rugged to withstand the rigors of electrical testing.
  • Connectors stand up to high voltage testing. Dielectric breakdown voltage between contacts is 2500 VAC.
  • Low contact resistance minimizes wear and tear from friction.
  • Molded, strain-relief handle improves usability and reduces wear and tear on the connectors.