EasyMate™ – Modular Connection System

DIT-MCO’s EasyMate strip header offers a modular, convenient way to adapt from your tester to your Device Under Test (DUT).

What is EasyMate?

EasyMate is comprised of a female, strip-style connector mounted on the front panel of your tester into which male EasyMate adapter cables are plugged. Typical configuration is 50 rows x 10 contacts per row for 500 point strips, although different configurations are available.


  • Replace octopus adapter cables with individual adapter cables
  • More flexible
  • Modular
  • Easily repairable
  • Cost effective
  • Rugged, long-lasting

When Does EasyMate Make Sense?

  • You change adapter cables frequently
  • You have low-point-count UUT connectors
  • You have many different connectors spread over different octopus cables
  • You frequently add points to adapter cables due to ECO’s
  • You regularly have to repair/replace damaged/broken pins in UUT connectors

Go From This – Branched/Octopus Cables

To This – One-To-One Adapter Cables

EasyMate-HD (Heavy Duty)

EasyMate-HD (heavy duty) is manufactured with a robust metal body to resist damage and withstand rough treatment. Operators will appreciate the quick insertion with one downward motion and low insertion force. The latch retains the connection during the testing.