DIT-MCO Names New Agent for Greece

DIT-MCO International, Inc., has named M. Vidalis International Ltd. as an agent for DITMCO’s wire integrity test systems in Greece. DIT-MCO systems are used worldwide within aerospace, military, and transportation manufacturing and maintenance operations.

Mr. Alexander Vidalis, sales manager, developed extensive experience with the military and aerospace industry in Greece while representing environmental chambers (Tenney) and vibration testing systems (LDS), SMT and AOI machines (Sony Manufacturing Systems), conveyors (Rommel) among others. Mr. Vidalis clients include companies such as Intracom Defense Electronics, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, former Siemens Tele Industry, Anco, Thales Electronics Systems.

As a new representative for DIT-MCO, Mr. Vidalis looks forward to meeting DIT-MCO’s customers and introducing DIT-MCO test systems to new applications. Customers will benefit as Mr. Vidalis builds on his day-to-day experience in many environments with his unique understanding of their challenges and expectations.

Mr. Vidalis is based in Athens.

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