2650 MBA (Multiple Bus Architecture) – Explained

What is Multiple Bus Architecture?

With MBA switching, functional testing is simplified by connecting power sources and other devices directly to the UUT through a single adapter cable rather than the “Y” cable required with standard switching and separate EE/LM points.

DC and AC power supplies, load panels, potentiometers, and indicator LEDs are just a few examples of what can be connected to your product using MBA switching.

Determining When to Use MBA

  • When you need to test complex assemblies with multiple active devices
  • When you have a large mix of products to be tested that require EE/LM activation

The MBA Difference

  • Simpler universal adapter cables – eliminate complicated spider cables required to separate EE/LM connectors
    • Reduce adapter cable inventory and material costs
  • Each test point is an EE/LM point and a standard switching point
  • Easily accommodate changes to the UUT by changing the test program, not the adapter cables
  • Provides maximum versatility when combined with DIT-MCO’s Adapter ID System